Let me introduce you to Sumiyati, Kusmiyati and Reni. They are housewives from a small village in Purworejo Central Java. Most of them work as farmers.

While spending most of their days taking care family, interacting with their phone is not their chore. But they know well the danger of fake news and text scamming.

They ever heard about what hoax. But they feel confused to define what is hoax. And fundamentally, they do not know how to fact check fake news.

Mafindo held focus group discussion (FGD) on Juli 20, 2019. This FGD aims at gaining insights, perspective, and feedback from our target audience about hoax.

The FGD discussed one STOP Hoax Indonesia web series video. Though it’s only a rough cut video, Sumiyati, Kusmiyati, Reni, and some other participants got the message well. And they provided us with worthy insights and feedback.

We see and understand first hand how rural community mother like the participants think about hoax. And some other moms whose insights are very useful for our STOP Hoax Indonesia Program.

Until today, 17 housewives are brought to court due to their involvement in distributing hoax. While on one side this alarmed us to the low level of digital literacy among them. Such cases also marked the importance of targeting our program to enable them to do basic fact checking.

As housewives are our target audience, we want our web series deliver the content and digital literacy well to them. And of course, many other housewives in Indonesia.